About Us

Formed in 2011 by founding owner Jake Preston. 57 Designs is a UK based company, incorporated in June 2020, when we moved to our new purpose- built design studio and showroom.

Jake has been racing Motocross bikes competitively for many years around the world (and still is) so he knows his way around a bike, as well as the track! Jake prudently took up graphic design after school (in between racing) so he could concentrate on his other passion - design and 57 Designs was born.

We produce high-quality, customised graphics specialising in the off road MX Industry. 

With 100% customer satisfaction in mind, we use only the highest quality materials to produce a unique product tailored to your requirements.

We use Substance X1 - Read below for more information

Product Description

Ultracurve X1 is a revolutionary 6.0mil flexible white polymeric vinyl film, containing bubble-free FLO Technology, backed with a highly aggressive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system, specifically engineered to adhere to difficult substrates, including motocross bikes, ATVs, side-x-sides, karts, and most low surface energy plastics.

Recommended End Uses

Substance Incorporated recommends the following end uses for Ultracurve X1:

  • Market leading bubble-free graphics for Motocross Bikes and ATVs
  • Bubble-free decals and graphics for Karts, including rough textured plastics
  • Demanding industrial applications to polyethylene, polypropylene, and TPO
  • Permanent adhesion to smooth and rough textured plastics and metals

Performance Characteristics

CharacteristicTypical Value
Material4.0 mil Polymeric Calendered Vinyl
ColorOpaque White
Tensile Strength15.2 pounds/inch
AdhesiveClear Solvent-Based Pressure Sensitive Acrylic
Adhesive Thickness2.0 mil (0.056mm) 10%
Peel Adhesion7.9 pounds/inch from Stainless Steel
Application Temp.32°F to 80°F recommended, test prior to specific application
Temperature Range-40 F to 190 F
Print CompatibilitySolvent, Eco-Solvent, Latex, UV, and Thermal Transfer Inks
Graphic LifeOutdoor durability up to 7 years (unprinted), permanent
Chemical ResistanceResists mild acids, mild akalis, solvents, and salts. Excellent
resistance to water, including immersion.

Installation Recommendations

  • Application surface must be free of dust, dirt, debris, grease, and other contaminants
  • We highly recommend cleaning the installation surface with isopropyl alcohol prior to application
  • Dry installation is required
  • After working out any bubbles in the film, mild heat may be used during installation to help X1 conform to irregular surfaces


All descriptive information presented within this Product Data Sheet is intended for reference purposes only.

This information does not suggest or constitute a verbal or written warranty of any kind. The end user shall be responsible for independently testing the suitability of their application, prior to final use.

The liability of Substance Incorporated will not exceed the purchase price of materials

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